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Our Elegant Dinner Train

Trains operate Fridays, Saturdays, and select Thursdays


We’re thrilled to announce we’re offering Murder Mystery and dining on the rails, on Thursdays from 5/30/24 through 12/19/24!


2024 Schedule

Spring Departures: April 5 - June 1
Summer Departures: June 6 – August 31 
Fall Departures: September 5 – November 16
Holiday Departures: November 21 – December 21

Grand Bellevue Rail Dining Experience Newport Dinner Train Middletown Portsmouth Rhode Isl


Whether it is a distinctive corporate party, special occasion, cherished life milestone, or intimate wedding rehearsal dinner, the Grand Bellevue is Rhode Island's most unique setting for hosting your private event for your group.


Step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary, where ambiance, service, and cuisine come together. Gather your group and host a unique experience for friends, family, or colleagues. We’ll collaborate to make your group's visit one to remember! Enjoy uninterrupted time with your group in our Spruce Dining Car or join us in the Theater Car and help solve a Murder Mystery if you dare!


Whether you are looking for your own private rail car or the entire train, our team is ready to work with you to host the perfect rail dining experience for your event. Event pricing for the venue starts at 30 or more guests. Currently, daytime charters are not available.

For more information, contact our Event Services Coordinator:

Office Hours: Tuesdays through Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Office Phone: 401-295-1203


  • Reception hour begins one hour before departure and is open to all reserved guests, so come early at 5:30!

  • Passengers are asked to arrive 30 minutes before departure time for boarding.

  • The Grand Bellevue Rail Dining Experience is a classic setting. We encourage our guests to dress for a special night out. Smart casual, semi-formal, and cocktail party attire are welcome.

  • Guests in period costumes are permitted and enjoyed.

  • Our tables seat four, and seating is limited. If you are a party of two, you will not be seated at a table with other guests for your comfort.

  • Please, no children under 12 years old

  • N&NB's equipment is not handicapped accessible. We apologize for any inconvenience.

To view our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy, click here.

Grand Bellevue Rail Dining Experience Newport Dinner Train Middletown Portsmouth Rhode Isl

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