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Grand Bellevue Rail Dining Experience Newport Dinner Train Middletown Portsmouth Rhode Isl

Making Dreams Come True

When the Old Colony Railroad was built in 1864, a new speedy transportation service was developed between Boston, MA, and Newport, RI. One hundred twenty-five years later, in 1989, a unique era of rail travel was created. The dinner train offered guests a fine-dining restaurant aboard a restored train along the Old Colony route. Eric Moffett, the first conductor of the Dinner Train, saw the potential for a new dining adventure.

The Grand Bellevue Rail Dining Experience was established with his vision and purchase of the railroad. Moving to Portsmouth, RI, The Grand Bellevue offers an improved location for guests and more scenic views while guests dine along the railroad route. Remodeled train car interiors, elevated menu options, and unmatched service make the Grand Bellevue Rail Dining Experience a place to create memories that last a lifetime. 


Come join us for yourself onboard our restaurant on the rails. Thank you from the Team at The Grand Bellevue Rail Dining Experience.

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