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for Guests Riding and Dining on the Newport & Narragansett Bay Railroad

By purchasing tickets to one of the Grand Bellevue Rail Dining Experiences, each ticket holder agrees to comply with the following conditions. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in the refusal of passage or removal from the property.

Guests are not allowed on coach steps or vestibules while the train is in motion unless instructed to by an authorized representative of the railroad.

Guests shall board and de-train only at designated doors that are attended by railroad staff and will not attempt to board or alight from a train while it is in motion.

Passengers will not climb on locomotives, railroad tracks, and all railroad equipment except for passenger cars in the train unless accompanied by an authorized representative of the railroad.

Passengers understand that children must be supervised at all times and must be accompanied by an adult when passing through the train.

Passengers will not smoke in the buildings or on the trains.

Passengers agree not to bring outside alcoholic beverages or outside food onto railroad property.

Passengers agree that this railroad shall not be held responsible for delays, submission, or cancellation of its trains.

Passengers acknowledge we may refuse passage to, or remove any passenger who appears intoxicated or whose behavior becomes unsafe or objectionable to fellow passengers or railroad representatives at any time.

Passengers agree to follow the boarding and seating instructions given by any railroad representative, and understand that late arrivals may result in separated seating or missing the train.

Passengers understand that non-service animals are not permitted on the property.

Passengers understand that the Newport & Narragansett Bay Railroad may change motive power, equipment, schedule, and menu without advance notice.

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